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MINNA J. Bassett, agency-trained copywriter, writes print ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, brochures, flyers, business letters, direct mail kits, P.R. kits, press releases, television and radio commercials, Web pages, Web ads, e-mail letters, presentations, scripts, articles, billboards, greeting cards, tag lines, and slogans. All in clear, concise English. On staff or free-lance. What can MINNA write for you today?

About My Web Site Design

These pages look rather simple, but the coding is the most current. It's the latest HTML version called XHTML for Extensible Markup Language or XML. The coding is simplicity itself, just as the original HTML was meant to be. XHTML describes the structure of the Web page. All of the layout and design elements are now handled by stylesheets which are then linked to the head of the XHTML page.

The bad news is that XHTML and CSS (cascading style sheets) will not work in old browsers. Even newer browsers are often surprising in the way they handle or parse a particular style sheet.

Well, progress is progress, right? It was fun creating these pages without the use of the font tag and the torturous use of the table element to create a structure. I won't miss tables at all! In the long run, the Web will benefit from the separation of layout and structure.

Writing electronically

READ "Take the Byte out of Writing" by MINNA.

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